Springfield Meadows

Springfield Meadows is a multi award-winning project of 25 Climate Positive homes located in Southmoor, Oxfordshire.

Benefitting from diverse shared outdoor spaces and private gardens, it consists of 9 affordable houses and 16 private. They are all beautiful, high-performance homes, which provide comfortable, low-carbon living, thanks to the use of our Biond system. Biond is an off-site manufactured, closed panel timber frame construction, insulated with Lime-Hemp and natural fibre insulation. All 25 homes are built to the same Passivhaus standards. Springfield Meadows has been awarded One Planet Living® Global Leader status by the leading environmental charity Bioregional.

We think Springfield Meadows is the most sustainable development in the country because we’ve combined a few things that haven’t been done together before:

  • Low carbon
  • Well insulated, low energy homes
  • One Planet Living® Global Leadership
  • BBO Wildlife Trust partnership
  • Elimination of gas utilities to create an all electric development helping to decarbonise the grid

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