Ness Scott Named as Climate Champion

A moment of immense pride for #TeamGreencore!
We’re thrilled to celebrate Ness Scott, a pivotal member of our team, and our Head of Planning and Sustainability, who has been named as a Climate Champion and won the prestigious Lifetime Commitment Award at Unlock Net Zero. Ness’s 25 years of dedication in environmental sustainability, crafting sustainable policies, and driving energy initiatives have made an indelible mark.
Collaborating with industry leaders on the creation of a Joint-Local Council Net Zero Carbon Toolkit demonstrates Ness’s unwavering commitment to shaping a sustainable future.
As our lead in Planning and Sustainability, Ness embodies our ethos at Greencore Homes, integrating sustainability from the ground up. Ness, your leadership in battling Climate Change inspires us all to build a better, more sustainable world. Congratulations on this incredible achievement!

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