Greencore lifts the lid on the true cost of building a house on your own land.

Greencore lifts the lid on the true cost of building a house on your own land

A straight-talking new guide on the true cost of self-build projects has been published by Oxford-based housebuilder Greencore Construction.

Aimed at helping all aspiring self-builders who have already secured a plot of land, the guide sets out the five most important aspects of costing a project, provides a detailed breakdown of costs for a range of house sizes, and gives advice on how to achieve the holy grail of cost certainty through good design.

Ian Pritchett, managing director of Greencore Construction, says:

“We often get asked about how much it really costs to build a house. Not the under-estimated quote that most self-builders get at the start of a project to hook them in, but the real cost including good quality kitchens and bathrooms, external works like patio and planting, and everything else bar the curtains.

“Unfortunately, it’s common practice for many builders to underbid to win the project, but then make their money on costly alterations to the design later in the process. In contrast at Greencore, when a clear specification has been agreed, we can offer a fixed price guarantee on most of our projects.

“That’s why we are publishing the real costs for everyone to see. Once the design is done we can quote an accurate fixed price, and we strongly believe that having the right design from the beginning is the key to a successful self-build. Cost certainty is what all self-build customers want and deserve.”

Free advice for self-builders

The free guide also provides advice on procurement routes and project management, and on how to prioritise the most important elements of a building in the budgeting process.

A chart then provides typical build costs for a high performance, comfortable and sustainable home built to premium quality by Greencore in the Oxfordshire area. Costs are typically about £1,800 per square metre, which means about £180,000 for a typical 2-3 bed home, not including design fees and any abnormal site-specific costs.

> Download The True Cost of Building a House

Greencore Construction specialises in helping self-builders and small developers in Oxfordshire build high performance, low carbon buildings using natural materials. These homes are designed to provide better health at home, thanks to improved indoor air quality and living comfort, and significant environmental and energy-saving benefits.

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