Greencore Homes to install over 700 solar PV panels on Bicester factory!

In a powerful collaboration with SNRG and our landlord – LondonMetric Property PLC (LMP), we’re set to transform the landscape of clean energy in a groundbreaking initiative, aiming to elevate solar power to new levels for commercial buildings.

Greencore’s Oxfordshire factory will soon be home to an ingenious SmartGrid. This cutting-edge system features an impressive array of 726 solar panels (with a 302kWp), complemented by a robust 100kW/200kWh battery storage system. The projected outcome? A remarkable 18% reduction in electricity costs and a potential mitigation of up to 39 tons of CO2 emissions in 2024 alone. A true win-win scenario!

Pushing Boundaries but the real marvel lies in SNRG’s approach to overcoming significant challenges:

  1. SNRG is addressing the financial hurdle for companies by fully funding the installation, amounting to approximately £400,000. Furthermore, energy will be supplied to Greencore at economically favourable rates, ensuring both environmental and financial benefits.
  2. Confronting grid limitations head-on, SNRG’s SmartGrid technology obviates the need for costly grid upgrades. The entire factory rooftop is being utilised for green energy generation without any complications.
  3. SNRG is simplifying matters for rented commercial properties, handling legal intricacies, and making solar adoption an enticing prospect for both landlords and tenants.

Thanks you to SNRG and LondonMetric for getting this deal over the line.

Check out the video below for more information.

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