Delighted buyers and increased demand mark record year for Greencore Construction.

Delighted buyers and increased demand mark record year for Greencore Construction

2016 was a record year for the Oxfordshire firm, as demand for its build offsite, hemp-lime panelised homes continues to soar.

Martin Pike, Greencore’s chairman, said: “We made great progress in 2016. Our factory team built 12 superstructures, and we delivered and erected eight at various sites across Oxfordshire.

“This marks a significant increase in output compared with 2015 and shows how quickly the market for offsite, low-carbon house construction is growing.”

Delighted buyers

2016 also saw two of Greencore’s exemplar properties become home to delighted buyers.

Greencore home owner Dominic Newland said: “The comfort factor in our new home is just amazing. Even in November the house maintained a steady 23 degrees – without the heating on!”

He added: “The house is built to such a high standard. In fact, our surveyor said, ‘All houses should be built like this’.”

CO2 saving

On the low-carbon benefits of Greencore’s output last year, Martin said: “Compared to building with traditional brick and block, we estimate that we’ve saved 420 tonnes of CO2through the use of natural materials in the 12 superstructures we built last year.

“Of course, those units will also deliver CO2 savings in the region of 40 tons per year through their low energy requirements – a saving that will continue for many years to come.”

Hemp-lime research

In 2016 Greencore also completed its collaborative research project with Bath University.

The project, which aims to gather data on the performance of hemp-lime panels compared with other forms of building materials, will have its findings published as part of a full report in summer 2017.

Bright future

Greencore already has a strong pipeline for 2017 and is actively considering how best to scale up its activity.

On Greencore’s growing business, Martin said: “With a continuing housing shortage in Oxfordshire and across the UK, the need to improve energy performance, and the importance of reducing CO2 emissions, our business is well placed to deliver against the strong market demand.

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